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Welcome to Dr. Digital Philosophy; an online organization thay specializes in website development, webpage hosting and entertainment online. Entertainment such as: Spiritual Development, Tarot Readings and Cannabis Cultivation (Coming Soon). The organization has been operating in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada since July 2021 and the design strategy has changed over the last year. Developing new ideas, new designs and creating and image that helps people with inspiration, creativity and ambition. This us who we are at Dr. Digital Philosophy.

Dr. Digital Philosophy has posted over 270 blog articles regarding daily events, spiritual development and other unknown phenomenon. The organization features an online YouTube channel “Digital Philosophy” and our Tiktok Page known as “Master Querent & Disciples“; where the organization features new videos about occult knowledge, strange events throughout history and tarot interpretation. Follow us for updates, news and now includes a premium membership that allows anyone over the age of 19 years old to receive a online, tarot reading. Checl out Master Querent & Disciples for more.

Dr. Digital Philosophy New Logo for 2021-2022
Dr. Digital Philosophy 2021-2022

The Master Querent & Disciples provide accurate readings through General Knowledge, Dream Interpretation, Love & Lust Divination, Career Path Interpretation and Spiritual Enlightenment. By using the tarot deck as a source of divination (or as a guide like crystal ball 🔮), that requires understanding into the aspects of the cards and their meaning; along with a practice of using the mystic powers and magic of divinity, that comes with these cards. It is important to ensure a clear understanding based on the position of the cards, the type of spread and the querent’s reaction to each visual that is depicted in the card drawn. Join us today for a personal tarot reading, located on our new store available here.

Card Of The Day

Each day there will be a new card drawn for interpretation and reflection into your spiritual self development. The card will be interpreted as the reader sees the card and will be based upon the time, location and intuition; of the reader during that day; who is reading that card.

Today’s Card:

“Death XV”

Death represents renewal, metamorphosis and change. From one cycle to the next, we cannot grow or become anew without death. This card hardly ever, if ever; never represents actual death of the physical body but usually means death of a phase or cycle; coming to a unique end.

In this card we see death on a white horse (the horse represents purity) and rides by; slaying everything in it’s course. Even the priest is not free from death and must move on into the next phase since it is inevitable. Everyone must face death and no one is accepted once it comes your way.

Without death, imagine the world today with figures such as Hitler, Stalin and other tyrants; ruling the world an iron fist. Of course, since they both used death as a fear tactic, without this tactic; who would stand in their place. Either way, we all face death one way or another. As System Of A Down wrote in the song “Aerials”: “Life is a waterfall; we’re one in the river and one again after the fall”.

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How can we assist you today?

Feel free to call us with any questions regarding Dr. Digital Philosophy and we will be happy to assist you. Reach out today and call us for any concerns, questions or to schedule a online consultation. Dr. Digital Philosophy offers spiritual guidance to anyone looking for answers. Call us today and book your appointment to receive a personal tarot card reading, dream interpretation or even spiritual advice. Our organization is available today, to help others see the path clearly, using experience, knowledge and understanding. Check out our newest feature: Master Querent & Disciples.

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